Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eucalyptus Professional Services is Hiring

From a recent Twitter post:


Up for a challenge? Seeking a PS pro with consulting experience to manage an open-source education services business.


From the job description:

Extreme flexibility is table-stakes for this role. The ideal candidate will have the following characteristics and experience:
  • Years of experience developing highly technical education content, including course books, labs, and rapid-production style eLearning
  • Years of experience teaching highly technical, multi-day training courses in both in-person and live-online formats
  • Years of experience delivering formal, highly technical consulting engagements, including new technology stand-ups, health checks, and emergency troubleshooting and repair
  • A track record of innovation across multiple professional services disciplines
  • Significant experience managing public and dedicated delivery schedules and logistics, SOWs, LMSs, and customer and vendor support relationships
  • Significant experience dealing with highly complex open source software projects in a large-scale datacenter setting
  • A desire to run a small education services operation, to be an enabler for an open-source education services strategy, and to maintain excellence in Eucalyptus education offerings
An amazingly perfect fit would also include experience with the following (but don't let this keep you from applying - we doubt this person exists):
  • Significant experience working with Amazon Web Services, as well as open-source cloud computing projects like Eucalyptus, OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula, etc.
  • Deep Linux system administration, virtualization, and datacenter operations experience
  • XML/DITA-based course development (bonus points for prior experience using oXygen)
  • Basic Drupal Web management experience
  • Experience using Adobe Connect, Adobe Presenter, and Adobe Captivate
  • Ability to train and develop in both English and Chinese
  • Experience managing the Absorb LMS Suite
  • Experience contributing to and managing open source projects on GitHub
  • Significant experience working with Puppet or Chef
  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, plus an MBA
 Is this you or someone you know? Send them our way - we want to talk to them! Thanks.

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