Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eucalyptus Certified Administrator Exam is Here

I am pleased to announce the immediate worldwide availability of the Eucalyptus Certified Administrator on Eucalyptus 3, also known as the EUCA3 certification exam. This is the industry's first open-source high-stakes certification exam designed to allow for full access to the item bank from which the certification questions are drawn while still protecting the integrity of the overall exam and testing experience.

You can register for the exam here: http://webassessor.com/eucalyptus

Here's what you need to know to have a successful test experience:

Preparing Your Environment for the Exam

The EUCA3 is delivered online in a locked-down, proctored environment running on your own computer. "Proctored" means the exam is secured and someone is observing you while you take the exam to help ensure you are following the rules. This is an innovative approach to high-stakes technical certification made possible by our open-source approach to the EUCA3, and has some requirements, including:

* A web camera with a long cord - several feet long in fact - off to the side of your desk and testing area. The proctor must be able to see your face, hands, keyboard, mouse, and computer monitor for the entire exam. Your built-in web cam on your laptop will *NOT* work.

* Updated Windows (minimum XP with Service Pack 3) or Macintosh (10.5.4-10.7.4) operating system with updated browsers and the Kryterion Sentinel software installed. Sorry, you cannot take the exam from a Linux computer.

There are a number of other technical requirements that must be met (open firewall ports, minimum hardware requirements, etc.) Please read the following very carefully before you register for the exam to ensure you will have a good testing experience.


Preparing Your Mind for the Exam

Because this is an open-source certification exam, all possible exam items are available for study, including answers and explanations to those answers. You can download the documentation here:


Trying to memorize the items and their variants will not help you much. We suggest that you use this resource as a way to focus your studying efforts and learn what you need to know. As part of the exam experience, you will also have access to an online version of the Eucalyptus 3: Design, Build, and Manage course materials, including labs, and every piece of information you might need to know will be available to you in that resource if you know where to look. Spend some time in the course book and make sure you understand everything in it, and you should do fine on the exam itself..

Exam Logistics

Here are the updated exam logistics for the EUCA3:

* Number of test questions: approximately 30 per test form. There are enough test forms that if you take the exam multiple times, you are unlikely to see the same question twice.

* Format: Two sections - 1) Design, and 2) Build and Manage.

* Passing score: 50.0%, however you must score at least 25% in each of the two test sections to pass. For example, if your your overall score was a 60%, but you only scored 10% on the Design portion of the exam, you would *not* pass and would *not* receive your EUCA3 certification.

* Time allotted for the exam: 120 minutes. Most people will finish in 60-90 minutes, but an extra 30 minutes is allotted for those who need extra time for any reason.

* During the exam, you will see a split screen. The exam will be on the left, and on the right you will have a the Eucalyptus Design, Build, and Manage test aid.

* You are allowed to have a calculator, pencils, and *blank* paper with you while you take the exam. You are not allowed to have any pre-printed materials with you during the exam.

* Cost: $175 US. You can pay for the exam with a credit card when you register with Kryterion, or you can purchase a voucher from Eucalyptus University that can be used to pay for the exam.

Known Issues at Launch

At launch time there are a couple of known issues and their workarounds:

1) Test aid refresh issue - You may run into a situation where you click a link in the test aid and instead of bringing up the page you requested, you see a red screen. To fix this, simply move forward to the next question or back to the previous one. The page should refresh and your content will be available.

2) Continue after comments issue - After you have submitted your exam answers, we will ask you for feedback on the exam experience. You may notice a situation where there the "Continue" button is not visible beneath the feedback box. To fix this, you can click and drag the middle bar between the two screens you will have during the exam, and dragging this to the right should expose the Continue button. You *must* click this button in order to submit your exam!

3) Errors in beta exam questions for study - During the final review during pre-launch we uncovered a number of minor issues with exam questions such as misspelled words, grammar problems, and in one case, a multiple choice question where two of the answers were the same. These issues have been fixed in the online exam system, but we will not update the study documentation. Have no fear - the explanations given for each item are still valid and still will point you to the right answer if you understand them.

If you run into any other issues during the exam, you will have the ability to click a Help button and the online proctor will assist you. You can also email certification@eucalyptus.com if you have questions or need assistance prior to or after the exam.

We are excited to hear your feedback on this new approach to certification. Questions can be directed to certification@eucalyptus.com or can be left in the comments. Thanks, and good luck on the test!

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